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Thought Leader

Internationally Recognised Yoga Teacher, YACEP

B.A.[H] Psychology, Canada
Co-Active Coach, CTI
Anatomy & Physiology Diploma
Certified Sound Healer
Studying: Herbal Medicine for Women

Check in & listen to what your body (and your symptoms) are telling you.

Give yourself permission to do more of what feels good & set healthy boundaries for what does not.

Honour your body. Honour your values.

Your body's ability to heal is greater than anyone has permitted you to believe!

I'm Lauren Anne: Bachelor with Honours in Psychology from the University of Windsor; international recognition as a Registered Yoga Teacher & Sound Healer; trained Co-active Coach from the US accredited CTI program and; an Anatomy & Physiology Diploma holder from the School of Health UK.  

I always said, "I want to improve the quality of life for those I work with!" and I whilst I kept studying and kept collecting certificates and titles, it wasn't until recently I knew how to bring it all together.

I am surrounded by women who are my friends, students, colleagues, family and a shocking majority struggle with issues like endometriosis, PCOS, hypothyroidism, bacterial infections, anxiety/depression and the list goes on. My own journey is one with a history of antibiotics (often unnecessary ones) and pharmaceutical drugs for things I later found I could heal naturally.


The sad part is, most often women's health issues are treated with lifelong medications, many of which are superficial and do not address the root cause. The implications of this approach is not only detrimental to our overall wellbeing but can backfire down the road creating even more issues (some of which don't seem to be but actually are related).

Did you know that at least, 80% of chronic health problems can be improved by simple changes, especially in our diets and lifestyle? -Dr. Aviva Romm

And so, I started searching for something bigger, something better... better answers for the women I care about. 

​I am now studying Herbal Medicine for Women with the amazing Dr. Aviva Romm to bring a more comprehensive offering to my clients. 


Find the power you hold within you and how truly incredible your body's ability to heal is - naturally.

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