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Gifts of Mindfulness

Whether a gift for you or someone you love, giving someone beautiful tools for mindfulness can be a priceless offering that gives them time to wind down, to reconnect with themselves and reenergise. The gifts of mindfulness are wonderful birthday presents or simply to show someone you care.

White labelling (with your logo) and personalisation as well as special product creation available for orders of 10 or more with special pricing for larger orders!


Great for...

- Yoga Teachers who want to create gift bags for retreats, events, or simply create items to give to your students

- Yoga Studios who want to create items to sell to their clientele, gift bags for retreats or welcome presents for new openings

- Companies who want to offer their employees wellness packages, their top clients or guests for events/ conferences wellness gifts

- Individuals who want to create something special for someone they love that can be personalised

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